Our Services

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Arete Construction offers four main services to cover the main bases of one's construction needs.

The four main services offered are: Carpentry, Masonry Services, Excavation Services, and Handyman Jobs. All four provide the customer with efficent and effective results.

Masonry Master

This construction company also offers many outdoor services dealing with masonry. One of the most recent finished projects was the builiding of a patio, outdoor fireplace, and hot tub base.

Carpentry Services

Arete Construction offers many different woodworking projects. One final project was the renovation of a log cabin with reclaimed wood.

Excavation Services

Before many construction services are done, excavation of different materials must be done. Arete Construction offers excavation services as well as large-scale snow removal in the winter time.

Handyman Jobs

The final service offered is the work of a handyman job. This can mean many different services including the builiding and installation of indoor wooden doors.

Our Pricing

Arete Construction offers competitive, yet fair pricing for every project that is desired. A free estimate is granted for every project offered by the company in order to satisty any questions or concerns the potential customer has about pricing.