Masonry Experts

Masonry Project

Custom Outdoor Fireplace

This fireplace was designed in a collaboration with the homeowner. We met several times before construction to be sure that the design was perfect for their needs. Lights were installed after we finished and the patio was thoroughly cleaned.

  1. An amazing finished outdoor fireplace
  2. Building sturdy cinderblock foundation
  3. Expert technique for rounded corner
  4. Initial buiding of cinderblock wall
  5. Continuing with building cinderblock wall
  6. Meticulous stonework complete
  7. Building brick base for hot tub
  8. Presure washing final patio

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Masonry Experts

Arete Construction Services are master masons, and have built numerous stone patios and fireplaces over the years

Detailed Information about the Trade

Arete Construction Services Are Master Masons, And Have Built Numerous Stone Patios And Fireplaces Over The Years.

"Hardscaping" consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially any masonry work or woodwork. This includes natural stone walls, flagstone walkways, arbors, interlocking paver patios, koi ponds and waterfalls, fieldstone stepping stone paths, rain water harvesting, outdoor fire pits, kitchens, or chimneys, and landscape lighting.

Arete has experience with all of these projects, particularly stone, brick & paver patios, stone veneer, chimneys, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens - which is a very popular and requsted item today.

Arete Construction Services distiguishes itself as a master stone mason. This means we have artistic and structural expertise backed by an appreticeship and over 20 years of experience and training in this art. The quality of your final project will far exceed a masonry project being umbrelled under a landscaping project. To do it right, you want a proven masonry expert in Arete Construction Services.